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Our vision at Sambodhi And Education Nest, a leading online education company with 18 years of experience, is to empower learners worldwide by providing access to the best e-learning platform and top instructors. We strive to make education accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their location or background. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed personally and professionally. We are committed to creating a world where anyone can learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

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I have been a development practitioner for six years. I, however, felt the need to understand the "change" that was coming from the immense work we all were doing. I switched my career to M&E in sambodhi. We were offered a course that was so deep yet easy to understand the gist, which was bliss to a professional like me from the field. Right from the history of monitoring and evaluation to all the techniques and technicalities, this course is a complete package for any professional wanting to get into the domain of M&E. This course also offers some learning while doing which is great and easy to cope with regular office work.

Abha Senior Research Manager - Sambodhi

This training course is beyond my expectations. These tools and methodology & principles have opened my eyes to how to be effective and ethical! Honestly speaking I wanted to be a Researcher but, due to a lack of knowledge and guidance it was difficult for me (I was thinking) but, after attending the course I really found the path that how I have to initiate. Thanks, Sambodhi, and their amazing teacher/ trainer(s). Looking forward to putting all those learning things into my professional and personal practices. Thanks again.

Abhinav Pandey Associate Sector Lead- HCL Foundation

I highly recommend the MEL4DP course as it provides a great learning experience.  The case studies and group sessions also allow one to view MEL issues from various points of view and facilitate networking. 

Petronella Magadzire Social scientist

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